About Margie

“In Our Innocence, We Are One”
Margie Ruzzo

Margie has been on her own journey of discovery for over 30 years. In the process Margie has healed thus receiving the gifts from incest in infancy and early childhood, abandonment & neglect in childhood, recovery from addiction including drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, sex and codependancy. Food remains an issue that Margie know’s will be overcome in time.

Margie’s journey began with Sharon Hart’s Emergence Workshop in Northern California. Emergence so impacted Margie that she brought Sharon Hart and a team of eight to present Emergence in Florida. There were a total of eight Emergence Workshops held in Florida for the benefit of Margie, her employees, friends and family.

An experiencial workshop called Creative Arts presented by Art Sellers impacted Margie’s life so much that she now presents “The” Workshop Ever Evolving based on what she learned from participating in, assisting during and eventually co-facilitating with Art Sellers.

Margie is a long-time student and teacher of Tantra and Enhancing Intimacy work. She has studied with some of the greatest teachers of our time. These include Margo Anand author of Sky Dancing Tantra, Lori Grace at www.celebrationsoflove.com, Deborah Anapol, and Jwala

Other workshops and teachers of Margie’s include Emmanuel with Pat Rodergast & Barbara Cohen, Abraham with Ester & Jerry Hicks, Lazaris with Jach Pursel, Jim Self”s Mastering Alchemy and Gabriel Roth, the famous dance and movement teacher. In addition, Margie is a student and ambassador of Harv Ecker’s Peak Potentials workshops. She has personally attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive, the Life Directions Intensive, Wealth & Wisdom (3 day) workshop, Train the Trainer 1 (5 days) & 2 (5 days). She has also attended workshops with Robert Allen author of The 1 Minute Millionaire & Mark Victor Hanson author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, as well as Marshall Sylver world famous hypnotist. Margie has also been influenced by Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, A Course in Miracles, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Stuart Wilde.

In 1999, Margie received her Bachelor of Divinity and became ordained as a Universal Brotherhood Movement minister. The ONLY mission of the Universal Brotherhood Movement is to further the brotherhood of mankind.

Margie is a master at creating a safe and sacred space for looking at ourselves with honesty and compassion, and for allowing the healing that we desire and deserve. Her workshops offer inner child work, finding your authentic self, voice dialogue, intimacy in relationship, innocence in sexuality, guided meditation, and a place for finding your own spiritual guidance. Margie is also available for individual and couple mentoring.

Margie’s recent retreats have been for experiencing self love and deeper connection to Creation, self and others.
 Connection, acceptance and shared encounters remain her passion. She’d feel honored to share this with you.