May 01

The Most Powerful Workshop Yet

Wow, wow, wow! The April workshop was the most powerful for me thus far. Others seemed to get alot from it too. I had the most powerful love line that I’ve ever taken part in. I sometimes get annoyed with people who get bored with the same old thing. Personally, I find every experience with the love line to be a new experience and it is where I learn so much about myself and the places that I hold back in that incredible connection.

I admit that I too used to miss the beauty and connection by trying to recreate an experience that I’d experienced in the past, or by being too lost in my thoughts, or by worrying about what might not happen.

This last love line was the first time that I was 80% present through the whole time and had a deep right now connection with everyone. It was the most intense experience of intimacy with myself that I’ve ever experienced. WOW!














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