Aug 02

Wanting to enroll people for the next workshop

I have noticed myself trying to enroll people into the next workshop. Yet my belief is let Spirit handle it and I also want to live by attraction rather than promotion. So I question how do I let people know that I want them to come because I want them to experience what I have experienced as a result of doing this work. I want them to see the wonder of themselves. I want them to share my world.

And I want to be rewarded for the energy that I put into the weekend. I see that I also feel guilty about that and as a result question my motives. Oh this human experience. It is a trip and I am committed to continuing becoming. Level 2 is where I get to recognize the places that prove that I haven’t as yet arrived. It is where friends join me in going so much more into the truth of who we are and discovering next.

Speaking of Level 2, the last one was the most amazing yet. Thank you everyone who participated. I love you guys so much, It was a truly awesome weekend for me.

I hope that I see you at Ron’s on Wed. for a Love Line!!!! Feedback on which workshop that you’d like to attend in September will help me determine which one that we’ll have.

I love you very much and am so thankful that you are in my life.

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