Dec 17

Where does the time go?

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’ve posted anything, almost two years. And what years they have been. So much love, so many beautiful people, and many experiences have blessed me this year. The things that I am most excited about are 1st “Intrinsic” Self Love Camp. We did a precursor to this in Oct and it has moved me and the others who attended into a place that is hard to describe. It has been the deep knowing that we don’t have to try to be good, we are good. It’s like all the things that I’d always tried to be I am now recognizing that I AM. And as I settle into this more and more the more is reflected in my life. It is kinda beyond my ability to put into words. The is Intrinsic Self Love Camp got such a positive response and filled so quickly that we are doing another on the 8th and 9th of January. There are still some openings and lots of interest. So if you too want to experience what I’ve tried to describe come join us. Call me for a registration form and details 321-639-4382.


2nd I am turning over “The” Workshop ever evolving to those who have been assisting for the last few years. January is the last that I am doing while apprenticing a new facilitator or two. I will assist them until they are comfortable being on their own. Join us at the end of January to be part of the next era. “The” Workshop and all those like it were such an important part of my journey. Thank you all for being on it with me.


Happy Holidays to all. <3

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