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Jan 07

Happy New Year Everyone

I am excited to start 2014 with a love line on the 14th and workshop on the 24th through the 26th. I have missed the love and the authenticity. Although we had a great love line at Dee & Nancy’s on New Years Eve.

May 01

The Most Powerful Workshop Yet

Wow, wow, wow! The April workshop was the most powerful for me thus far. Others seemed to get alot from it too. I had the most powerful love line that I’ve ever taken part in. I sometimes get annoyed with people who get bored with the same old thing. Personally, I find every experience with …

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Mar 11

Life is good.

It takes me forever to remember to post to this space. Of course, I don’t think that anyone reads it. So I just want to say that life is so good. The Level 2 Worskhop was so subtley powerful. I know that every piece of work that we do changes our life, and the last …

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Oct 18

Back from Black Mountain, NC Women’s Retreat

We just got back from the women’s retreat with Elizabeth Stamper in Black Mountain, NC. It was wonderful to meet so many new friends and visit with old ones. There were 47 women and what an adventure we had. There was silent hiking, breathwork, trance dance and drumming, yoga and meditation, and so much love. …

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Feb 28

I am truly blessed

We had an awesome workshop weekend. I left feeling so blessed. There was a guy that I’ve wanted to attend for years that finally made it and I was so excited. A woman that I met for the first time on Friday night, will I believe become a lifelong friend. There were 6 participants and …

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Feb 09

(No title)

Getting ready for the February /workshop. I am o excited. We had a small but very intimate Level 2 a couple of weeks ago. I did a silent retreat with Sue Bailey and a group from the The New Way POD last weekend. It was intense. I’ve still been sitting in the silence for 40+ …

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Jan 13

2012 is Moving Fast

Holy Toledo and any other holy cities, is time moving right along. I though that 2011 went fast and here we are almost into the 3rd week in January already.   Thankfully I’ve gotten all my email stuff straightened out. I still can’t figure out why Facebook won’t upload a profile picture. I could never …

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Nov 14

Getting ready for the weekend.

Time to get ready for the workshop this weekend. As always I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. It seems as if the last one was so long ago.  That’s probbly because so mush has happened since then:  

Sep 03

Another friend & workshop family member goes to the other side.

Somehow it really seems cold to announce the death of someone that you love on here. And yet how best to let everyone know. Margie Pratt was killed this morning in a motorcycle accident. Her boyfirend is in intensive care in Orlando. Margie was a special lady and very good friend of mine as she …

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Sep 03

Sometimes I forget that I’m suppose to write here.

The title says it all. I’ve been very busy. I spent alot of time with my brother before he died. Last Wed. the Love Experience at Ron’s was the second one that I’ve done there. It was wonderful to have been asked back.  My experience was  different than anything that I’d experienced before. Then again …

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