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Jan 15

Intrinsic Self Love Camp results

I hope that I remember to do these posts on a regular basis. Although I don’t know if anyone reads them.   We did two Intrinsic Self Love Camps so far this year. They were both powerful, similar and yet different. There were ten of us at the first one and seven at the second …

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Nov 22

Our Workshop Family Just Keeps Getting Bigger & Better

As the title says our family just keeps getting bigger. And this last (Nov 2013) workshop was the best yet. We had so many relationships, two mothers and sons, two couples, one mother and daughter, and two sisters. Some were participants and some were assistants and all were committed to being the most authentic people …

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Aug 02

Wanting to enroll people for the next workshop

I have noticed myself trying to enroll people into the next workshop. Yet my belief is let Spirit handle it and I also want to live by attraction rather than promotion. So I question how do I let people know that I want them to come because I want them to experience what I have …

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Mar 07

Follow-up & Next Workshop

We had a wonderful follow-up and love line at Ron’s tonight. It was awesome. The March workshop has been cancelled. Kelly is having her spring event on he 4th weekend and the NA Convention is on the 5th weekend. So the next workshop will be April 27, 28 and 29th. Sorry Jennifer, hopefully you’ll have …

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Sep 15

What a week

Well we DO have a workshop this weekend! Yeah. Last Friday we had 5 participants and a couple of possibilities. This morning I had 3 but tonight I have 4 so we have enough participants to make a great workshop. The interesting thing is that only one of them was a participant last Friday.¬† For …

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Jul 05

The Way Through Follow-Up

was tonight and there was a great turnout. t was held at the POD and all the prticipants and most of the assistants were there. As always it was great to be in the energy again. Remember Scott will be in Hollywood the last weekend in this month doing another with Martie and gang. I …

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Jun 27

What a great weekend.

I assisted Scott at The Way Through Workshop this past weekend and what an awesome workshop it was. He has a closed site for the workshop group on Facebook and would like anyone who has done the work to join. Exactly how this is done I’m not sure as so ignorant on these matters. However, …

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May 26

Workshop this weekend

The workshop is happening this weekend and we’d love to see you there. We have someone coming form out of state just to do this weekend. I can’t wail.

May 03

Experience 3 of Intimcy & Sexuality

Saturday will be our 3rd experience together and I am looking forward to it. So far our time together has been a joy for me and I hope everyone else. I am definately having many aha moments. I am also getting some great feedback. More than one person has told me that they are happy …

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Mar 29

7 Experiences of Intimate Sexuality

I have finally become brave enough to present some classes on intimate, sprirtual¬† ¬†sexuality. The introuction class will be free and held at Heaven Sent on Friday, April 8th at 7 pm and will end at approximately 9. Six more classes will follow at a donation of $20 per class for a single person and …

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