Sep 11

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The most exciting thing is happening. My friend Bonnie and I have started a You Tube channel called Conversations with Bonnie & Margie. Our first video went up today. Please watch and give us some comments. Thanks.

Feb 12

Entering the New Spritual Paradigm.

The Entering the New Paradigm workshop at Love Yourself Day at the POD was a joy to do. It was well attended and I felt so happy to be introducing  some of knowings of this most exciting time in our Spiritual Evolution. We all had a moving and loving experience, Thank you to everyone who attended.

Jan 15

Intrinsic Self Love Camp results

I hope that I remember to do these posts on a regular basis. Although I don’t know if anyone reads them.


We did two Intrinsic Self Love Camps so far this year. They were both powerful, similar and yet different. There were ten of us at the first one and seven at the second one. With everyone that I do I notice that am becoming more and more loving and accepting in my daily life. It is so much an easier and more gentle path than my efforts before this. The changes are subtle and yet undeniable. I find my trust in myself growing and my fears less believable. I seem to be more loving and accepting of those around me and my need to control lessening as well. I wish the same for everyone. Come play with us soon.

Dec 17

Where does the time go?

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’ve posted anything, almost two years. And what years they have been. So much love, so many beautiful people, and many experiences have blessed me this year. The things that I am most excited about are 1st “Intrinsic” Self Love Camp. We did a precursor to this in Oct and it has moved me and the others who attended into a place that is hard to describe. It has been the deep knowing that we don’t have to try to be good, we are good. It’s like all the things that I’d always tried to be I am now recognizing that I AM. And as I settle into this more and more the more is reflected in my life. It is kinda beyond my ability to put into words. The is Intrinsic Self Love Camp got such a positive response and filled so quickly that we are doing another on the 8th and 9th of January. There are still some openings and lots of interest. So if you too want to experience what I’ve tried to describe come join us. Call me for a registration form and details 321-639-4382.


2nd I am turning over “The” Workshop ever evolving to those who have been assisting for the last few years. January is the last that I am doing while apprenticing a new facilitator or two. I will assist them until they are comfortable being on their own. Join us at the end of January to be part of the next era. “The” Workshop and all those like it were such an important part of my journey. Thank you all for being on it with me.


Happy Holidays to all. <3

Jan 07

Happy New Year Everyone

I am excited to start 2014 with a love line on the 14th and workshop on the 24th through the 26th. I have missed the love and the authenticity. Although we had a great love line at Dee & Nancy’s on New Years Eve.

Nov 22

Our Workshop Family Just Keeps Getting Bigger & Better

As the title says our family just keeps getting bigger. And this last (Nov 2013) workshop was the best yet. We had so many relationships, two mothers and sons, two couples, one mother and daughter, and two sisters. Some were participants and some were assistants and all were committed to being the most authentic people that they could be. And the rest of us were inspired and awed and blessed and honored to be witness to the love and growth and committment. It was truly beyond words. I am so blessed.

Aug 02

Wanting to enroll people for the next workshop

I have noticed myself trying to enroll people into the next workshop. Yet my belief is let Spirit handle it and I also want to live by attraction rather than promotion. So I question how do I let people know that I want them to come because I want them to experience what I have experienced as a result of doing this work. I want them to see the wonder of themselves. I want them to share my world.

And I want to be rewarded for the energy that I put into the weekend. I see that I also feel guilty about that and as a result question my motives. Oh this human experience. It is a trip and I am committed to continuing becoming. Level 2 is where I get to recognize the places that prove that I haven’t as yet arrived. It is where friends join me in going so much more into the truth of who we are and discovering next.

Speaking of Level 2, the last one was the most amazing yet. Thank you everyone who participated. I love you guys so much, It was a truly awesome weekend for me.

I hope that I see you at Ron’s on Wed. for a Love Line!!!! Feedback on which workshop that you’d like to attend in September will help me determine which one that we’ll have.

I love you very much and am so thankful that you are in my life.

May 01

The Most Powerful Workshop Yet

Wow, wow, wow! The April workshop was the most powerful for me thus far. Others seemed to get alot from it too. I had the most powerful love line that I’ve ever taken part in. I sometimes get annoyed with people who get bored with the same old thing. Personally, I find every experience with the love line to be a new experience and it is where I learn so much about myself and the places that I hold back in that incredible connection.

I admit that I too used to miss the beauty and connection by trying to recreate an experience that I’d experienced in the past, or by being too lost in my thoughts, or by worrying about what might not happen.

This last love line was the first time that I was 80% present through the whole time and had a deep right now connection with everyone. It was the most intense experience of intimacy with myself that I’ve ever experienced. WOW!














Mar 11

Life is good.

It takes me forever to remember to post to this space. Of course, I don’t think that anyone reads it. So I just want to say that life is so good. The Level 2 Worskhop was so subtley powerful. I know that every piece of work that we do changes our life, and the last one pushed me over the edge of trying to figure it out to life is wonderful. I’ve even gotten up early a couple of mornings because life just felt so good. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a definate change as sleep (especially in the  morning) has been a favorite of mine since childhood. I realize that I have the most awesome friends in the world. And I just love that they like this growth work as much as me. So if you are looking for a push in your self discovery come play with us at the next level 1 (“The) workshop. It will be a full weekend. Thanks for being in my world. Much, much love til next time. Margie

Oct 18

Back from Black Mountain, NC Women’s Retreat

We just got back from the women’s retreat with Elizabeth Stamper in Black Mountain, NC. It was wonderful to meet so many new friends and visit with old ones. There were 47 women and what an adventure we had. There was silent hiking, breathwork, trance dance and drumming, yoga and meditation, and so much love. Our visit to Jubilee in Asheville was as great as always. I am so blessed to be apart of this retreat every year. I hope that you can join us next year.

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