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  1. Nick

    The Workshop was an amazing and enlightening experience for me. There’s no question about it, I came out of this experience with a new perception and a more effective thought pattern. It’s amazing how you start to see viewpoints and relationships shift afterwards. I love Margie’s Workshop and attend everytime I get a chance to. I would definitely invite my friends and anyone who wants to have more clarity and a better perspective in their life to attend it.

    ~ Nick Turriff

    1. Margie

      Thanks Nick,
      And I’d like to let everyone know that Nick did this website for me. If you have a need for a website, I highly recommend him for the job. He is most reasonable in price and the site is so easy to use.

  2. JDussich

    To say participating in, and later assisting at the Workshop was an incredible experience is an understatement. Life-changing is more like it!
    The uncovering of your true self, and the strength you gain from not just knowing yourself, but knowing you are perfectly imperfect and loved unconditionally is evolutionary and I highly recommend it to everyone.
    ~Jahn D.

  3. Margie

    This was written by Birgit Sink in Nov. 2012

    I did the workshop 2 years ago, and to say it changed my life is a gross understatement, it changed me. It opened me to possibilities that I didn’t think possible like forgiveness of myself and others, it showed me I had a voice and it was mine to use. It allowed me to release parts of my past that I carried like a cross, to punish myself every step of the way. Margie Ruzzo showed me a better way that led to other paths, people in my life that are truly there to be part of my life with no agenda other than to extend a hand, a heart, and friendship that I didn’t know existed.
    I would like to add that it is called the workshop, because it is work, it’s hard work, deep work and you will get twice fold what you put into it. And if you show up to do the works it will change your life. Take a minute and check it out and if you have any questions you know where to find me aho.

    You can find Birgit on Facebook as Birgit Black Sink and you can see this as written by her on “The” Workshop Group page also on Facebook.

  4. Margie

    Written by Dayl Kumpa Nov. 7, 2014

    Its called the workshop because it does work! I am so grateful for the many gifts from the workshop experience. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions and are considering joining the many graduates who sing Margie’s praises. And who just sing!

    This is also posted in “The” Workshop Group on Facebook.

  5. Fred Migliore

    I am certainly not going to tell you what to do. So, instead, I am going tell you an example!!!

    I went through this workshop several years ago and I can STILL feel the clarity and new awareness of myself.

    I never did like workshops, nor the word!! Or the idea that you show up for 2 days and RAH, RAH, your life is changed forever. Sure, some of them worked for a few days, maybe a week and then BAM! Back to living a life that wasn’t necessarily working for me.

    This event put me into a place of recognizing my real self, probably for the first time in my life! The reason I say that is, I only have one other experience to compare with what happened to me during those few days I spent at Margie’s workshop.

    When I think of what the term “Life changing” means, I immediately think of my life changing medical episode that happened 5 years ago when I almost died. That’s BIG “life changing” event!

    I never thought for even a minute, that the weekend I spent with Margie would be as significant, historical and life changing as almost dying 5 years ago, but it was.

    Maybe you find yourself a little curious, but on the fence about this workshop. That is the place I was in too! So, one day, I just decided to show up, cause someone told me a long time ago: “if you get up every morning and you just show up, you unlock the door to so many opportunities that you would have otherwise missed” Good advise!

    In my case, Margie’s workshop got me to that place of peace that my conscious and sub-conscious mind had been searching for, all my life.

    Isn’t that pretty much, what you’ve been searching for too?

  6. Margie

    The workshop was a life changing event. I was stuck in a 31 year marriage, had very low self esteem and wanted much more for myself and my life. The workshop helped me reconnect with the parts of me I had cut myself off from years before. I was living my life as a shadow of my self barely a participant in my own life. The workshop helped me find amazing me again. I have joy, love and definitely MORE in my life now. I have lifetime friendships that have formed from the workshop….not the superficial kind but the I will step up and in to your life whenever you need me kind of friendships. Oh, and I also met the love of my life in a workshop! They can be lots of fun, too!

    Nancy Burns
    Nov. 2014

  7. bachmama

    I was intrigued about the Workshop since my friend went and I saw how much her life opened up afterwards. I knew I wanted to and was ready to attend just after my mom died. I felt stuck and unable to move out of this place that I did not want to be. Through the workshop, I felt my power. I felt support. I saw that others saw me in different ways than I saw myself. I looked into my own eyes – I think for the first time. It launched me to other things and I am grateful for that.


  8. mamajulie

    I attended Margie’s workshop several years ago. Since I had not done any intense group work in a while, I figured I was due. I wondered what would be brought to my attention, as I had done some major work over the years and had no idea what was floating around in here at that point. Not surprisingly, Margie dug around and found a little something that needed healing. I got out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and was grateful for the group of brave souls who accompanied me on my journey and allowed me to accompany them on theirs.


  9. Nicki

    The Workshop is the best place to go when you’re feeling stuck. When you just can’t seem to get any clarity, and feel like you’re ready to blow up. There you can let it all out, instead of allowing yourself to implode. It’s tough, and not always comfortable, but at the end of it you feel lighter, more peaceful, and simply more whole. In the six months following my first Workshop, my life completely transformed. I will never forget that weekend.

  10. Margie

    Spent Saturday and Sunday in the workshop with Margie. Oh my. I hadn’t planned on going (it actually begins on Friday night) but spirit made it clear that that was where I needed to be this weekend.

    I gained enormous clarity about what is important to me. I recognized how my emotions manifest in my body and work as a guidance system to tell me where I am experiencing imbalance. I remembered that my feelings are mine and are not caused by the circumstances of my life. I learned how intensely I can love and receive love. It was such an amazingly safe place to express and be with every emotion that I normally deny. And to witness the same in others who were there for the experience.

    Margie is such a master at what she does. My love and appreciation for who she has been in my life, is beyond words. I am so grateful.

    Tired and content.


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