Intrinsic Self Love Camp

Self Love Emergence Experience

                                                          with Margie Ruzzo

March 29 & 30, 2019


7-10 pm Friday – 10 AM – 7 pm Saturday


at a beautiful private residence. Details given upon registration.


Benefits that I have found as a result of this practice:

       Addictions have disappeared.

       Acceptance of myself and others has expanded to “most” of the time.

       I find myself smiling for no reason.

       Spontaneous moments of joy, gratitude and feelings of expansion.

      Monkey mind has stopped.

     Choice has come to what I’m thinking.

     Recognizing the perfection in what arises.

     Seeing how and believing that the Universe is on my side.


I have found that Self Love is a practice in the same way that yoga and meditation are practices. The Self Love practice has been a key in my journey towards enlightenment. I have discovered that worry and self criticism are two of the most destructive practices that I have had in my life. Replacing them with Self Love continues to open the doorways to higher dimensions and a more joyful existence. Come practice with me and discover your own magic.



                 $150* registered in advance  $175 at the door


For information /registration call Margie 321-639-4382



 *Repeat Participation 75% off or $37.50   (more is always welcome)



 Please register if planning on coming so that I don’t cancel because I don’t know that you are coming. Thanks. <3